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Steven B. Levy has led businesses, teams, and projects around the world. His books and training, based on thirty-five years of experience, are the fastest and most cost-effective way to make you and your teams more effective.

Legal Project Management Training

Learn how to manage your legal projects from the person who literally wrote the book on the subject!

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Business Training for Legal Professionals

You know the law. You're figuring out busi-
ness development. Now learn to lead a team, manage your time, communicate with clients.

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Read. Learn. Understand. And Apply.

Mr. Levy's books are known for clarifying what others make difficult, presenting tools, tips, and techniques you can use immediately.

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Lexician offers consulting, training, and coaching to legal organizations — firms and in-house departments — lawyer productivity: project management, leadership, and efficiency. Lexician is the specialist in Legal Project Management; in fact, Lexician founder Steven B. Levy wrote the book on the subject.

What is Legal Project Management?

Legal Project Management, or LPM, is the application of the principles of project management to legal cases, files, or matters.

Project management is far more comprehensive than “schedules and plans.” It is the practice of leadership, the striving for effectiveness and efficiency, budget discipline and profitability, and most of all, managing people as well as projects.

In other words, it’s legal productivity. (We’re even thinking of changing the name of the company to Productive Lawyer or Lawyer Productivity. It’s easier to remember. More descriptive, too.)

Legal practice is quite different from construction or manufacturing. To be effective and add value, project management in the legal world must map to the way law is practiced, not to erecting buildings or stamping widgets.

Lexician provides a variety of outstanding training programs in Lawyer Productivity/Legal Project Management. Learn how Legal Project Management can benefit your firm or your in-house legal department.

Who Trains Lawyers in Legal Project Management?

There are a small number of professionals specializing in Legal Project Management training, along with a few large general consulting firms trying to jump on the bandwagon. All of the specialists bring value and their own particular approach to such training. However, no one knows more about the subject than Lexician, or makes their training more enjoyable as well as effective. If you’re looking for training that will make your legal team more productive, build profitability and budget discipline, maximize effectiveness, and help your senior attorneys truly lead your projects, Lexician training is the place to start. We focus on the practical aspects, on “rules and tools,” on making a difference for your firm or department immediately.

And we make it interesting. Fun, even. No droning lectures, no sleep-inducing panel discussions, no string of hideous slides filled with tiny-type bullet points. Just smart, interactive, engaging training, coupled with meaningful exercises that help attendees put what they’re leaning into practice immediately.


Steven B. Levy has been a legal-world, project, and business leader for over 35 years. He headed the legal technology/operations team at Microsoft for many years, has led various industry task forces, has managed projects, teams and businesses on three continents, and is a highly requested speaker and regular author.

Contact us at 530-LEXICIAN (530-539-4242) or email us: training_at_Lexician_dot_com.

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