About Legal Project Management

Managing legal projects is different.

Legal Project Management requires different skills than traditional project management. The good news is twofold: First, most attorneys already possess the key skills, and indeed many are already managing projects successfully. Lexician provides a framework for honing and focusing those skills, along with building additional skills. Second, Lexician can help attorneys put those skills into play with training that is effective, engaging, and even exciting — anything but dull.

Lexician Legal Project Management techniques increase the likelihood of success on difficult projects. We can show your legal team how to work more effectively, build firm profitability or department budget discipline, make the trade-offs the client needs, and turn project management from a chore into a powerful tool that makes it easier to do the substantive legal work clients need and attorneys love.

Lexician’s approach to Legal Project Management focuses on five sources of sustainable competitive advantage:

  1. Client service;
  2. Time management;
  3. People management, leadership, and supervision skills;
  4. Profitability/project management and process improvement;
  5. Client-based business thinking.

Adding Legal Project Management skills reduces write-offs and wasted effort, strengthens client retention, and builds profitability (and its in-house equivalents).

Steven B. Levy’s Legal Project Management is recognized for distilling project management into simple, practical concepts that can be applied to the world of legal cases/matters – by attorneys, not necessarily professional project managers.

Example: Legal Project Goal Setting

The biggest risk to most legal projects is not implementation. Rather, it’s an inability to clarify or communicate goals, to come to agreement on what “Done” looks like. This risk is magnified in a value-based AFA (alternative fee arrangement) environment.

Avoid this common stumbling block with training and consulting up front. Goal-setting and communication failures often appear to be planning or execution failures… but they’re not… and they’re avoidable with effective, Lexician-style Legal Project Management.