Great Excerpt on Project Crisis Management From Scott Berkun

Colleague, friend, and project manager extraordinaire Scott Berkun just posted an excerpt from his book on project management about what to do in a crisis.

I’ll list his eight steps below, but go read the full post — or, better, get his book on general project management, Making Things Happen.

  1. Calm down.
  2. Evaluate the problem in relation to the project.
  3. Calm down again.
  4. Get the right people in the room.
  5. Explore alternatives.
  6. Make the simplest plan.
  7. Execute.
  8. Debrief.

It’s a great article; read it.

(Minor suggestion: The one thing I’d add to Scott’s debrief step is to ask not just, “What can we do next time to avoid this?” but ask as well, “What did we do well, and not so well, in responding to the crisis?” There will be more crises, and part of your toolbox as a project manager is learning to handle them better each time.)

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