Outstanding Project Management Behavior, Gator Division

What do you do if you’re a tour-boat operator in Florida and one of your guests, spying an alligator, jumps overboard to swim towards it?

Why would a tourist do that? Well, according to this five-year-old story (hat tip to Kevin Underhill’s brilliant Lowering the Bar series), he “wanted to fulfill a lifelong fear/fantasy of swimming with a gator.” (In answer to the obvious question, yes, though the story doesn’t reveal how many he’d had.)

The operator,  Kenneth Clineman, observed the gator pushing off the bank to swim toward the interloper, perhaps to fulfill a lifelong fear/fantasy of consuming a tourist. Clineman maneuvered his boat between the two aquatic beasts, a good thing, undoubtedly, at least for the non-reptilian member of the impromptu synchronized swimming team.

But that’s not why Clineman gets the Outstanding PM Behavior award. I assume any tour operator not doubled over with laughter would do as much.

From the news story:

After receiving assistance from [Park Ranger James] Hines, Clineman assured the tour guests that the event was highly unusual and continued his tour.

Yup. Equanimity under pressure. That’s project manager behavior.

(Photo: “Alligator mississippiensis yawn 2” by Ianare – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Alligator_mississippiensis_yawn_2.jpg#/media/File:Alligator_mississippiensis_yawn_2.jpg)

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