Sustainability of an Organization

I read an interesting quote this morning from investment guru Dave Blood:

There were companies that had the same toxic short-term culture in those days—Drexel, Salomon, Bear Stearns, Kidder, Lehman…. They’re all gone. If you look at what happened to them, it was all failures of culture: governance, leadership, incentive structures, values. That’s why they failed…. Long-term business success requires a holistic view, involving teamwork, integrity, values.

He goes on to describe why these factors are connected in a causal relationship.

How does this apply to law firms going forward?

Leadership and teamwork1 – two key principles of Legal Project Management. Two areas where Legal Project Management training can help to change the way lawyers not just work with clients but build a firm’s future.

Legal Project Management is more than a series of tips and techniques. It’s a mindset. And it matters for the future.

How are you ensuring your practice’s future via your next generation of lawyers?

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  1. And values, indirectly.