Seminar and Training Videos

Here are some extracts from Steven B. Levy’s seminars and classes. In particular these focus on some aspects of Legal Project Management that go beyond core project management techniques, revealing some broader areas where effective Legal Project Management makes a difference to your practice.

(Fine print: For confidentiality reasons, we won’t share actual classroom videos. Thus we’ve filmed these extracts separately.)

What Is Legal Project Management?

This extract of material covered in the first few minutes of our training helps set the stage for the rest of the session.

What Can You Learn in a Day?

Can you learn to be a great legal project manager with a single day of training? Actually, you can learn more than you think. You can make significant progress in adding project management skills to your lawyer’s toolbox. With longer training comes more tools, richer techniques, and opportunities to try out what you’re learning under Steven B. Levy’s guidance, but we understand that you often need to balance the value of training with limited attorney availability.


Legal Project Management provides tools and techniques for identifying stakeholders – including hidden stakeholders – and meeting their needs.

The Conditions of Satisfaction

The conditions of satisfaction provide a powerful tool for understanding what you need to accomplish with your projects so that your client recognizes your work as successful.

“Good enough?”

Legal Project Management offers techniques to provide exactly the level and depth of service the client needs without falling into the “good enough” trap.