The Booklist

Steven B. Levy’s books are recognized for clarifying and simplifying difficult concepts – without dumbing them down. Each book is filled with:

  • Rules and tools.
  • Tips and techniques.
  • Examples.
  • Practical advice.
  • Suggestions for getting started.
  • A few surprises.

You can read the books start to finish, or you can skim until you find a concept, situation, suggestion, or technique that applies to your current situation and dive in. The books are carefully designed so that you can extract the parts you need today, independent of the rest of the book. (Mostly. Techniques and tips that depend on other concepts are fully and directly cross-referenced.)

While the books do touch on the theories behind the techniques, they are first and foremost practical guides. Pick them up. Find sections that matter, right now. And dive in. As you make progress, return to the book and find other areas that resonate, new tools and tips you want to try.

We know you’re busy. These books are designed for busy professionals.


The Industry Reference.

This is the new edition, published
by the ABA, of the book that sparked
a revolution in the legal world.

This book is designed for lawyers
who aren’t professional project
managers – and for legal leaders who
what to understand why LPM isn’t
just another buzzword.


SmallBookLPMFGJump-Start Projects!

Five key tools: the fastest way for
busy professionals – that’s you –
to get started in Legal Project

Learn tips and techniques to manage
the project, the client, the team, the
budget, and your time.



Improve Your Presentations.

Fix the biggest problem with PowerPoint
presentations. It’s not the software. It’s
not the speaker. It’s your slides.

Use this groundbreaking book’s three
simple techniques to make your
presentations better immediately,
the easy way.

Deliver presentations that matter.


More Time in Your Day.

Impossible? This book won’t change
the clock (which would be impossible),
but it will change the way you plan
and manage your time.

Save a couple of hours or more every
working week. Learn the secrets of
accomplishing more by working
smarter rather than harder.



The Original!

The first edition of Legal Project
Management is still a must-have

The remaining inventory is on sale
at one-third the price of the
current edition.