Individual Coaching

We’re launching on a trial basis individual coaching sessions. We can help you succeed with your specific projects or by working with your approach to managing your time, your projects, and your team.

These are held directly with Mr. Levy via Skype (or equivalent remote technology) at times of mutual convenience. We’re able to offer them at lower cost because they fill gaps in Mr. Levy’s schedule,* require no travel, etc.

He was a very effective coach and mentor in the corporate world, and has proven just as effective in working with lawyers in project leadership positions.  He can help you strengthen your relationships with your project team, make better use of your time, get out from under the feeling of email siege, and create a plan for success on a specific project.

While there is no “standard” or one-size-fits-all engagement, most coaching interactions involve three or four thirty-to-forty-minute sessions over the course of a month.

*Mr. Levy, like most authors, both loves to write and loves to find reasons to not-write on a given day. We figured we’d make some lemonade from the lemons of occasional writer’s block. Don’t tell him we let you in on the secret.