Legal Project Management Training

Learn how to manage your legal projects from the person who literally wrote the book on the subject!

Lexician Legal Project Management techniques increase the likelihood of success on difficult projects. We can teach your legal team how to work more effectively, build firm profitability or department budget discipline, make the trade-offs the client needs, and turn project management from a chore into a powerful tool that makes it easier to do the substantive legal work clients need and attorneys love.

Legal Project Management Training

Lexician offers multiple ways to build an effective Legal Project Management team based on the principles in the groundbreaking book Legal Project Management:

Our courses utilize concepts such as “seven habits” and “four keys” to create an easily remembered framework for tools, techniques, tips, and models. The full-day and extended programs are structured around in-depth but practical techniques.

Attendees learn critical skills and practices they can use immediately to manage their projects, their time, their team, and their fiscal responsibilities. They’ll understand how clients see projects and thus how Legal Project Management can build client satisfaction as well as win and retain client business. We show attendees how to manage legal projects starting with techniques and tools they already have and use regularly.

Attendees will learn the four management imperatives:

  1. Legal Project Management, to improve client service and responsiveness;
  2. Fiscal management, budgeting for profitability via the right trade-offs;
  3. Time/schedule management, to increase efficiency;
  4. People/team management, to lower waste and build effectiveness.

We reinforce instructor-led training with challenging questions, individual and group exercises, examples, role-playing, and hands-on practice with techniques and templates. We encourage active participation, which boosts retention and course value. Attendees receive templates, checklists, worksheets, and even laminated cards summarizing high-value practices. At the conclusion of the program, attendees make an active commitment to implementing what they’ve learned.

Lexician can also customize training for your specific needs and environment, as well as offer executive overviews designed to build practice-wide or management buy-in. Call us today. Click here for specific contact information.

Individual Coaching

Lexician can help you succeed with your specific projects or by working with your approach to managing your time, your projects, and your team. These lower-cost sessions are held directly with Mr. Levy via Skype at times of mutual convenience.

Project Coaching/Consulting

Lexician can help you succeed with your specific projects by coaching project managers, utilizing Steven’s proven methodology.