Full-Day and Multi-Day Training

Lexician’s comprehensive program has one-day, one-and-a-half-day, and two-day variants covering the core material in increasing depth.

  • The full-day program introduces attendees to Legal Project Management. It provides them with the core practical skills they need to manage projects effectively.
  • The day-and-a-half program contains a deeper investigation of key concepts as well as additional and extended exercises that strengthen the team’s ability to execute on these concepts immediately.
  • The two-day program broadens the training even further to include greater opportunities to apply these techniques to current matters with individual and group coaching from Lexician instructors.

The programs build acceptance by showing attendees how they can manage legal projects effectively using techniques and tools they already have, working within the Legal Project Management framework. We move quickly to the core work, training, and exercises in Legal Project Management, revealing an easily remembered framework for tools, techniques, tips, and models. We encourage active participation and thus greater retention of ideas and techniques. Attendees will have opportunities to apply the tools they’re learning to matters they’re currently handling (within appropriate bounds of confidentiality, of course).

Attendees will learn critical skills and techniques they can begin implementing immediately to manage their projects, their time, their team, and their fiscal responsibilities. They’ll understand how clients see projects and thus how Legal Project Management can win and retain client business.

The general sessions of instructor-led training are reinforced by challenging questions, individual, paired, and group exercises, examples and incident-method/case study examination, role-playing, and practice with techniques and templates. At the conclusion of the program, attendees make an active commitment to implementing at least part of what they’ve learned during the training.

Key Takeaways and Skills: Extended Program

  • Core project management skills, tips, and techniques (“rules and tools”).
  • How Legal Project Management frees rather than constrains attorneys.
  • The importance of “Done” and why clients want you to negotiate it.
  • Why clients need cost certainty at least as much as cost control.
  • How to build a project budget even with imperfect information.
  • How budgeting drives the focus on project goals – and profitability.
  • Revising practices that lead to waste and write-offs – before they happen.
  • How to handle changes and their impact on budgets and progress.
  • Delegating, setting expectations, and giving/taking work assignments.
  • Rich understanding of the four management imperatives:
    • Legal Project Management, to improve client service and responsiveness.
    • Time/schedule management, to increase efficiency.
    • People/team management, to lower waste and build effectiveness.
    • Fiscal management, budgeting for profitability via the right trade-offs.
  • Numerous highly practical tools and tips.
  • Templates, checklists, worksheets, even laminated cards summarizing high-value practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the program for our firm or department?
Yes. In fact, we prefer to talk with you and selected attendees about specific needs and will then adjust the program, without charge, to reflect those needs. (We do reserve the right to negotiate charges for extensive modifications.)

Do you supply workbooks and handouts?
Yes. A few days before the session, we will provide you with PDF masters for duplication of the slide deck (three to a page, with room to take notes alongside each slide) and the workbook. The latter runs 50-70 pages and contains worksheets for exercises, examples, templates, checklists, and more. (The specific length depends on which course you’ve selected and what adjustments we’ve made to meet your particular needs.)

What is the right number of attendees?
The “right” number depends on your needs. We’ve done sessions with groups as small as six and as large as one hundred. Obviously, the smaller sessions are more interactive – though we find ways to make even auditorium-style training surprisingly interactive and involving – and involve more “close-up” work with the instructor. While there is no single ideal size, groups of twenty-five or so provide a great mix of divergent views, attendee participation, and different table-group exercises.

Do you provide CLE credit?
We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to apply for attendee CLE credit. Our sessions have received credit from numerous state organizations.

Are the sessions for lawyers only?
That’s up to you. There are advantages in exposing people throughout the organization to the principles and practices of Legal Project Management to be sure everyone is hearing the same message. Some of our most effective sessions have included intact teams, full project teams from senior attorney/partner to paralegal to legal assistants. It’s more cost effective, faster, and more productive for us to teach everyone together than for attorneys to spend their time after training passing on the information to their team members. In addition, the people-management aspects of Legal Project Management are most effective when the managers and their reports are not only hearing the same message at the same time but then have opportunities within the session to try out what they’re learning!

What do you charge?
We try to keep our programs affordable. Most importantly, the payback on these programs is often measured in weeks or even days, not years. Legal Project Management training may be the highest-ROI (return on investment) learning a firm or department can provide. Please call or email us for specific pricing information.

Can you really fit all of Legal Project Management on a laminated card?
No; it takes a book. (Yes, that book.) However, the card, roughly the size of a business card, does contain reminders of the course content to serve as a quick reference. Client managers can even show it to clients to provide a concrete reminder that your firm is committed to using Legal Project Management to provide effective and efficient legal services.

Do you include copies of your books?
No, but you can order bulk copies at roughly half-price from us to accompany the course.

Is Legal Project Management training just one small aspect of your business?
No. Unlike many of the other trainers and consultants out there, it is our business. All of our training revolves around Legal Project Management and associated skills.