Half-Day Seminars/Introduction to Legal Project Management

These half-day sessions begin by familiarizing attendees with the idea and key concepts of Legal Project Management. We show attendees how they can become effective legal project managers based on techniques and tools they already have, reordering what they do within a Legal Project Management framework rather than adding massive amounts of non-substantive work time.

We then introduce key concepts espoused in the book Legal Project Management: the importance of “Done,” the economics of project management (“Legalnomics”), trade-offs in scheduling and scope, critical client success factors, and more. We demonstrate how effective Legal Project Management leads to improved client service and stronger profitability/budget discipline. We introduce three techniques legal professionals can begin using to take control of their projects. The session concludes with a call to action.

Key Takeaways and Skills: Half-Day Program

  • The importance of “Done.”
  • Understanding client budget mandates.
  • Staffing a project for both substantive and fiscal success.
  • Overview of the four management imperatives:
    • Legal Project Management, to improve client service and responsiveness.
    • Time/schedule management, to increase efficiency.
    • People/team management, to lower write-offs and build effectiveness.
    • Fiscal management, to build profitability by making the right trade-offs.
  • Three simple techniques attorneys can implement tomorrow.
  • A common vocabulary for approaching Legal Project Management within the organization.
  • Added takeaways: Checklists, worksheets, and templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the program for our firm or department?
Yes. In fact, we prefer to talk with you and selected attendees about specific needs and will then adjust the program, without charge, to reflect those needs. (We do reserve the right to negotiate charges for extensive modifications.)

Do you supply workbooks and handouts?
Yes. A few days before the session, we will provide you with PDF masters for duplication of the slide deck (three to a page, with room to take notes alongside each slide) and the workbook. The latter runs about 30 pages and contains worksheets for exercises, examples, templates, checklists, and more.

What is the right number of attendees?
The “right” number depends on your needs. The half-day sessions are particularly amenable to larger groups, and we’re experts at keeping even auditorium-style training surprisingly interactive and involving.

Do you provide CLE credit?
We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to apply for attendee CLE credit. Our sessions have received credit from numerous state organizations.

Are the sessions for lawyers only?
That’s up to you. There are advantages in exposing people throughout the organization to the principles and practices of Legal Project Management to be sure everyone is hearing the same message.

What do you charge?
We try to keep our programs affordable. Legal Project Management training may be the highest-ROI (return on investment) learning a firm or department can provide. Please call or email us for specific pricing information.

Do you include copies of your books?
No, but you can order bulk copies at roughly half-price from us to accompany the session.

Is Legal Project Management training just one small aspect of your business?
No. Unlike many of the other trainers and consultants out there, it is our business. All of our training revolves around Legal Project Management and associated skills.