“Lunchtime Seminars”

Lexician can offer aspects of Legal Project Management training as “lunchtime seminars,” in bite-size sixty- to ninety-minutes sessions.

These sessions focus on specific aspects of Legal Project Management. They are not a substitute for full training sessions, but here’s what they can do:

  • Provide a good introduction to the topics
  • Offer some practical suggestions attendees can put into play immediately
  • Stimulate discussion around key concepts and firm needs (e.g., time management, people management, and more)

We offer three formats for these sessions:

  1. Delivered onsite to local attendees.
  2. Delivered onsite to a mix of local attendees and others linked by videoconference.
  3. Delivered by remote videoconference (generally from our Seattle location).

See below for the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

We can offer these seminars in two, three, or even four units. Realistically, four or more units of training will probably be more effective when offered as a single class on site, but we know that your schedules sometimes allow more easily for seminars than all-up training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the programs for our firm or department?
Yes. In fact, we prefer to talk with you about specific needs and will then adjust the programs, without charge, to reflect those needs.

Which format is best – onsite, onsite-plus-videoconference, or all-videoconference?
Each has advantages. Seminars with everyone on site, whether gathered around a lunch table(s) or in auditorium-style seating, provide the most interaction and thus the greatest retention. They also allow for give-and-take and question-and-answer opportunities, which helps drive the message home. A seminar where a significant number attend remotely allows you to involve multiple offices in shorter sessions where it might not make sense to fly them in. A videoconference-only format is the least expensive option because our instructors don’t have to travel, but it is also the least interactive – and despite the ongoing improvements in technology, each video link is one more opportunity for Murphy’s Law to raise its head.

Do you supply handouts?
Yes. A few days before the session, we will provide you with PDF masters for duplication of the slide deck (three to a page, with room to take notes alongside each slide), along with any appropriate worksheets, templates,  or checklists.

What is the right number of attendees?
The “right” number depends on your needs. Lunchtime seminars – whether or not they actually involve lunch – can be extremely effective when you gather a smaller group (say, fifteen to twenty) within a room, allowing us to lead discussions as well as conveying information. We’ve had clients stack up multiple sessions on a single day – e.g, the same session offered two, three, or even four times in a day with attendees joining the one that best fits their schedule. (Don’t forget, though, that food of some sort is a powerful incentive for busy professionals to attend seminars!)

Do you provide CLE credit?
We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to apply for attendee CLE credit. Our sessions have received credit from numerous state organizations.

Are the sessions for lawyers only?
That’s up to you. There are advantages in exposing people throughout the organization to the principles and practices of Legal Project Management to be sure everyone is hearing the same message.

What do you charge?
We try to keep our programs affordable. Legal Project Management training may be the highest-ROI (return on investment) learning a firm or department can provide. Please call or email us for specific pricing information.

Do you include copies of your books?
No, but you can order bulk copies at roughly half-price from us to accompany the session.

Is Legal Project Management training just one small aspect of your business?
No. Unlike many of the other trainers and consultants out there, it is our business. All of our training revolves around Legal Project Management and associated skills.