Partner Retreats

Designed to stimulate partners and senior associates to think about how they can become more effective, the workshop focuses on a single Legal Project Management technique.

We begin by describing the technique, showing attendees both the why and the how. The attendees then divide into smaller table-groups (e.g., six people at each table) for an exercise that cements what they’ve learned; attendees use a current matter and practice the technique with their team and/or peers. Finally, the group unites in a discussion of how this new practice can benefit the firm, their clients, and their teams.

In consultation with Lexician, the director of the retreat will choose a particular technique and shape the discussion around the firm’s goals. We recommend selecting one of the following techniques:

  • Creating a Project Charter.
  • Managing the Team/Giving Effective Assignments.
  • Minimizing Waste and Write-Offs.
  • Managing Attorney Time.
  • Being a Leader, Not Just a Manager.

Each of these topics can be encapsulated in a limited-time environment, is supported by high-engagement exercises, and generates discussion that lead to action.

We offer this program either as part of an off-site retreat or within the office. It is suitable for groups of up to seventy-five attendees. It is not a substitute for Legal Project Management training, but it does provide an effective entry point for firms or practice groups seeking to improve the way they manage their legal projects. The program can vary from two-and-a-half to four hours, balancing your overall retreat-day agenda with the depth to which you wish to explore one critical facet of Legal Project Management.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create productive discussions with a large attendee group?
For more than thirty attendees, the discussion begins within the table-groups, followed by summaries and suggested actions shared with the plenary group. Hey, we’ve done it before and have it covered!

Can we customize the central topic?
Of course. The topics noted above are suggestions, not limitations.

Do you supply workbooks and handouts?
Yes. A few days before the session, we will provide you with PDF masters for duplication of the slide deck (three to a page, with room to take notes alongside each slide) and the workbook, which contains worksheets for the exercise and appropriate templates.

Do you provide CLE credit?
We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to apply for attendee CLE credit. Our sessions have received credit from numerous state organizations.

Are the sessions for lawyers only?
That’s up to you. The sessions described above are for firm leaders – partners, senior attorneys, and executive (non-practicing) management. We also offer related programs for paralegals and associates, with a similar structure but of course different topics.

What do you charge?
We try to keep our programs affordable. Most importantly, the payback on these programs is often measured in weeks or even days, not years. Legal Project Management training may be the highest-ROI (return on investment) learning a firm or department can provide. Please call or email us for specific pricing information.

Is Legal Project Management training just one small aspect of your business?
No. Unlike many of the other trainers and consultants out there, it is our business. All of our training revolves around Legal Project Management and associated skills.