Training for Up-and-Coming Associates

A firm makes a critical investment in associates. A legal department makes a similar investment, though without the “associate” title.

Associates spend the first few years learning the ropes and bridging the gap between law school and true client-oriented legal service. At some point, the successful ones will take on significant responsibilities and often move into a partner role.

However, what happens between, say, the third year and the eighth? For example:

  • How do they learn to handle responsibility?
  • How do they figure out how to manage others?
  • Where to they learn to manage their own time to avoid burnout?
  • Who trains them to work effectively with clients – not “rainmaking” or business development but the nuts and bolts of strengthening the client relationships you already have?
  • What does it mean to contribute to firm profitability (or department budget discipline) beyond simply working lots of hours?
  • How do they choose where to focus when they cannot do everything?

Some associates pick up these skills in effect by osmosis – by watching partners, by trying and failing and learning from mistakes, by reading books. Some never pick them up at all, leaving potential on the table both for the firm and in their own careers. Some decide that they hate lawyering when what they really hate is the fact they don’t feel at all in control of what they’re doing.

Sometimes “osmosis” works. Generations of great lawyers have proved that.

But just because it sometimes works doesn’t mean it’s either the effective or the efficient way to go.

All of the skills listed above, and more, are aspects of Legal Project Management. Lexician offers a one-day course (one full day or two half-days) designed specifically for up-and-coming associates and their departmental equivalents.

Most firms don’t just want associates to survive  these years; they want them to prosper, because that’s how the firm prospers as well, both in the short term and over the decades. Great training in these essential skills – skills not taught in law schools – can help you develop productive and happy associates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize the programs for our firm or department?
Yes. In fact, we prefer to talk with you about specific needs and will then adjust the programs, without charge, to reflect those needs.

Do our superstars really need this training?
Some associates will become superstars anyway, but even the best will develop faster if they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In addition, with this training you give a greater percentage of your associates the chance to jump to the top, to move ahead and really make a difference for your firm – and for themselves.

Do you supply handouts?
Yes. A few days before the session, we will provide you with PDF masters for duplication of the slide deck (three to a page, with room to take notes alongside each slide), along with a workbook with exercise worksheets, templates,  or checklists.

What is the right number of attendees?
The “right” number depends on your needs. While these sessions work with both small and large groups, the exercises are most effective when the attendees can work with each other in “table groups” of four to six (and thus class size depends to some extent on the facilities you select).

Do you provide CLE credit?
We are happy to work with you to provide the materials you need to apply for attendee CLE credit. Our sessions have received credit from numerous state organizations.

What do you charge?
We try to keep our programs affordable. Legal Project Management training may be the highest-ROI (return on investment) learning a firm or department can provide. Please call or email us for specific pricing information.

Do you include copies of your books?
No, but you can order bulk copies at roughly half-price from us to accompany the session.

Is Legal Project Management training just one small aspect of your business?
No. Unlike many of the other trainers and consultants out there, it is our business. All of our training revolves around Legal Project Management and associated skills.