Who We Are

Lexician is dedicated to helping law firms and departments get the value they deserve from the business of law.

Law can be a noble profession, but the day-to-day practice of law is a business. The Lexician team has decades of experience in both law and business – and in particular in project management in the legal arena.

Legal Project Management is a lot more than schedules and charts. (In fact, if you never used a single schedule or chart, you could still be an outstanding project manager.) It’s about a better way of handling your cases — not the substantive legal issues, but all of the other tasks that support work on the legal issues. The team. Working with the client. Setting and adhering to budgets and deadlines. Assigning and managing tasks. Communicating. You get the idea.

We are the experts in Legal Project Management. (We capitalize it because for us it’s a term of art, not just generic project management grafted onto the legal world.) In fact, we wrote the book on the subject — Steven B. Levy’s groundbreaking reference, Legal Project Management: Control Costs, Meet Schedules, Manage Risks, and Maintain Sanity. It’s become a best-seller — well, not quite in the John Grisham mold, but within the universe of legal operations, fiscal sanity, and project / case / matter management. Steven B. Levy is the author of a series of other books for professionals.

The Lexician team has trained attorneys in project management not for a few months, but for over a decade! To us, it’s not something new, though we’re gratified by the increased attention it’s receiving. We are the experts not just in Legal Project Management but in teaching it effectively. If you simply want to market your firm or department as having undergone training in (lowercase) legal project management, there are three or four groups out there you can use, including Lexician. However, if you’re interested in effective training, in messages that stick, in changing the behavior of your legal teams, there’s only one place to go for Legal Project Management training.

We look forward to working with you. Join our clients who are out to win in a difficult economic environment.