Why We’re Different

‘There are a number of folks out there offering Legal Project Management training. The ones we know are smart and committed, just as we are. So why choose Lexician instead of one of “the other guys”?

  • Client-Side Experience: Lexician trainers, with decades of client-side experience, expertly help attendees understand client needs and perspectives.
  • Business Based, Practical Thinking: Lexician brings not just legal project management, attorney, and training expertise, but also business experience. Lexician training includes units on reducing write-offs, for example.
  • Instructional Design: Training is an art; a set of slides isn’t a training program. Lexician’s veteran trainers use proven instructional design methods to maximize attendee information retention and create the strongest bias for action.
  • Long Experience: Lexician’s legal-world project managers and attorneys skilled in project management have decades, not months, of practice. Steven B. Levy literally wrote the book on the subject.
  • Context and Support: Lexician can include sections on managing and leading teams, workplace and associate productivity, attorney-specific process improvement, the economics of the legal world, and other factors that make project managers more effective by tying attendee training to real-world techniques beyond simply project management.
  • No Secrets: Want to understand our approach in detail? The types of tools we recommend… and recommend against? The things we focus on? It’s all described in the book Legal Project Management. With Lexician there’s no guessing, no I-wonder-if….
  • This Is What We Do: We don’t cross-sell unrelated engagements. We don’t flit from one field to another. We don’t bring in junior players. We simply offer the collective skills, expertise, and intelligence of experienced Legal Project Management professionals to help you work smarter and more profitability.