Fireside Chats

Below is a series of informal three-minute videos on topics in Legal Project Management.

Steven B. Levy spends a lot of time delivering training in formal legal environments, and he’s good at it. He thought it might be fun to take off the suit for some informal “conversations,” complete with real fireplace for most of them.

The Stages of a Project

Steven describes the four basic stages of Legal Project Management projects, and talks about avoiding overkill.


Metrics and measures matter in Legal Project Management. Steven defines the difference between input and output metrics and decries the evils of substitute metrics. Remember, you get what you measure.

Delivering Value via Legal Project Management 

Everyone talks about delivering “value,” but what does that really mean?

Lean Six Sigma in Three Minutes

Well, not the whole thing, of course, but here are three basic principles worth thinking about.


Checklists are gaining importance and providing value in Legal Project Management.

(Fine print: He had a little more hair when these were filmed in 2010.)